Offering a range of support options including face to face, telephone, email and Skype

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DLA & PIP forms

There is a flat-rate fee of £80 per DLA form or PIP form, for a maximum three-hour visit. (Further time will be charged at £20 per hour). I will visit and fill out the form for you based on the information you give me and any available reports. (If we Skype I will email you the information). I will also advise on which reports to send with the form as evidence. I can also advise on the appeals and tribunal process.
I reserve the right to refuse a face-to-face visit due to location, however, the Skype and telephone options are available. 

Advice and advocacy

Charged at £25 per hour.

Other form filling & letter writing

Prices are available on request, depending on the type and length of the form or letter, plus any research required. Please contact me for more information.


Workshops prices differ depending on number of attendees, organisation, location etc. Please contact me for a quote and to discuss your needs in more detail.

There will be an extra charge if handouts are required (information can be emailed to attendees for free). 

Travel fees

I charge in order to cover my travel costs, please contact me for more details.

Still unsure?

If you have a query relating to any services or charges please contact me 

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